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Loan Modification

Let us help prepare you to be in the best position to qualify and keep your home!

Affordable Payments

We’ll negotiate with your financial institution for payments you can afford.


After an extensive review of your application, we’ll determine your eligibility for all available assistance programs.

Long Term Goals

Plan for the future, and ensure the lifestyle that you and your family deserve.

Saving Your Home: 6 Easy Steps

  1. Meet with Your HELP Counselor
  2. We’ll Verify Your Eligibility for Assistance
  3. Our Team will Finalize Your Application
  4. We Submit Your Application
  5. The File is Under Review – Let’s Make Sure it’s      Approved!
  6. The Results We Have Been Waiting For Are Here

What People Say

Home Equality Loan Program is the real deal. I was less than a month away from losing my house with no options when I spoke with Drew. Not only did he postpone the sale but also sold the home in under 30 days! He then helped us relocate – my family and I love our new home.

Richard Henry
Borrower, Los Angeles, CA

I received a call from Drew saying that he could help me stay in my home. At first, I was skeptical to discuss my financial situation with someone I had never met before. However, after our meeting, I knew this was someone that I could trust. The process was very simple and what I liked most is that I was kept in the loop and never left in the dark. I was approved and I am blessed to have worked with the H.E.L.P. Team.

Johnathan Edge
Homeowner, San Clemente, CA

Drew met me at my house to guide me through all my options. When we met, my loan was transferred to a new servicer and I didn’t have much time before I had to make a decision. Drew worked diligently and keep me in the loop every step of the way. I was approved for a loan modification! My family and I got to keep our home.

Hugo Flores
Homeowner, Los Angeles, CA

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