How it Works

Help is designed to be a relief solution and resource center for homeowners. We assess every individual’s situation on a case by case basis and help our clients get back to their feet and keep moving forward.

5 Easy Steps to Get HELP

Meet with one of our H.E.L.P. counselors, and we’ll learn all the details about your situation, including information on hardship, financial situation, and—most importantly—your desired outcome and goals.

We’ll review your application and determine eligibility for all available modification programs. Our senior H.E.L.P. counselors process any additional paperwork required for your case.

Now, you’re enrolled! H.E.L.P.’s modification processing department conducts your modification audit and the pre-underwriting process begins.

Your modification request is under review and is pending a final decision. The H.E.L.P. team continually follows up with the lender during this time.

The lender issues Approval or Denial of your loan modification request. Your senior counselor reviews the decision with you and all options available. Together we’ll explore the best next steps for you and your family.