Relocation After Foreclosure/Short Sale

Relocation Options after Foreclosure/Short Sale

You may think you are on your own after your property has been foreclosed or you sold it through a short sale.  You are not sure where to go or what to do next. The home you loved so much is gone, but you can start over and make a new house your home to build lasting memories.  Once you have accepted a short sale or a foreclosure has been completed your credit is affected in a manner where it will make it difficult to purchase a new home.  There are other options like renting, leasing or renting to own on a contract for purchase.  The important thing to do is start making these decisions during the process of the foreclosure or short sale so your plan is in place and your new adventure is waiting for you.

Here to HELP

Our company, Home Equality Loan Program can help you not only through the process of foreclosure and a short sale, but also to help you find your new home.  We have trained professionals who know the area markets in and around California.  We will discuss your needs and your wishes and start looking.  We have connections with other real estate professionals in the area and leads on properties for rent.  We will also do our best to negotiate the maximum relocation dollar assistance from your lender through the short sale process to ease your financial stress with the move.

Alternative Options to Purchasing

It is understandable for you to be disappointed that you are not able to qualify for a mortgage right away after a foreclosure or a short sale.  However, there are many homes available for rent that will satisfy your family’s needs.  In addition to a rental property option, often times you can find homeowners who want to sell their property that are willing to enter into a contract with an individual that does not currently qualify for a mortgage to purchase. A contract option to purchase is a contract in which a buyer puts a down payment towards the home and the owner of the home will collect monthly payments just like rent.  The difference is at the end of the agreed upon term, the contract buyer obtains a mortgage now that they qualify, pays off the owner of the property and the contract buyer now owns the property themselves .  This is a great way to work towards purchasing a home you love and call it yours in as little as three to four years.


Exploring the waters on your own is not necessary.  We are here to HELP and explore your options.  Let us help you find the solution that is best for you and your family.  Get advice from us about relocating and what to do once you have found that perfect place to call home.  Getting back on track is what matters at this point and doing that from a place you can call home is so important.  If you would like to discuss your options, please give us a call at 949-413-7911 or contact us.